Emealz helps you plan meals and save money

Are you ever at a loss about what to eat for dinner? Do you procrastinate about making your grocery list (if you make one at all), and are you tried of eating the same foods? Time to try something new and save money! If you don't have a plan, you will end up wasting time and money.

Endorsed by money guru Dave Ramsey, E-Mealz is an online meal planning service. Emealz is a big help for those who have trouble figuring out what to eat each week, and people who would like the time-saving of just being able to print out the recipe list and the grocery list and go!

The meals are basic foods that families want to eat, not anything overly fancy. The directions are easy to follow.

Most of the meal plans are set up for families of 4-6. There are several meal options from which to pick, from low fat to Two-person meal plans.

It is very inexpensive already, but when you choose a meal plan for a particular store, the recipes are chosen based on what your store has on sale that week! This saves an enormous amount of money and time. It more than pays for your E-Mealz subscription.